• Chris Engelman

The Hottest Insulation Trends of 2018 and Why To Update!

If you don't know whats behind your walls (or what's NOT behind your walls), then its most likely time to update! A good amount of people tend to forget about their insulation because, hey, we cant see it, so how much could it be helping, right? Wrong! If someone came to your home and removed all your insulation, you would be calling someone, anyone to get it back inside the walls. Now just because you aren't frantically dialing the 911 insulation help hotline, doesn't mean you shouldn't update your insulation (that is probably dirty, has insect droppings, and is from the 70's or older by the way). Over the years, they have developed high efficiency heating and cooling systems, ways to control the temperature of your home from your smart phone, and much more. All of these new trends aren't going to help your home and work properly without a properly, updated, insulated home.

All those workers that had to move the insulation to work on your home, did they put it back? When those mice made a home in your attic insulation, did they put it back? The great insulation earth quake of 1995, OK that didn't happen, but I already know the answers to those other questions and they are NO! Not only may your insulation be old and outdated, but chances are over time your insulation has been moved, gotten wet and moldy and starting clumping together, and many other possibilities. Now lets get to the newest and best ways to insulate your home in 2018.

Air, Insects, or moisture aren't getting through this house that was built in 1909!

SPRAY FOAM! Spray foam is by far the best choice for residential insulation. Spray foam expands and seals every little hole from wires, pipes, or anything else where wind or air could find a way to enter your home . Also, you can achieve any R-Value (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.) you need or want. Spray foam can be used in various locations throughout the home. It also lasts for a long time and helps keeps the bugs out of your home. Check out our spray foam page or contact us and I would gladly answer any questions you have. Our experts at Turning Your Home Green are trained to give your home an even coat of spray foam and they have eyes like hawks. They never miss a spot.

Blow-in insuulation being applied behind the walls, and after patching the holes and painting them, you couldn't even tell we were there.

CELLULOSE (blow-in)!! Blow-in insulation is the next best insulation product people are using in 2018. This product is made from mostly recycled paper and it compacts densely inside the walls or attic of your home. The great thing about blow-in insulation is a professional insulation contractor can install it behind the walls in a day or two. The price of blow-in insulation is also a great benefit. To learn more, check out our blow-in insulation page or email me for more information.

Updating your insulation is a great investment that will keep giving back over the years to come, and not just money, but comfort for your family. If you have a professional insulation specialist inspect and install insulation, you wont have cold feet (from the floor being cold), no more drafts or chills, no more constantly running your cooling or heating unit while burning out the motor and more. If someone who isn't a professional installs the insulation, I cannot promise you those things. Everyone in your home, and including your home, will thank you for updating your insulation.



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