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Batt Insulation

attic fibeerglass.jpg


Most of the time, the cheapest way to insulate your attic up to code is with fiberglass. This will give you the minimum R-Value ( a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material) required to pass today's standards. Batt insulation does not get in the nooks and crannies of your attic or around the lights very well, but it will keep some of the heat you are paying for out of the attic. Most of the time, builders use batt insulation when they are trying to build a house as quick and cheap as possible. This is not recommended for homeowners as much as spray foam or blow-in insulation, but if you would like, we will install it correctly and in a timely manner.

wall fiberglass.jpg


  If the walls or ceilings are open in the house that needs insulation, again fiberglass would be the cheapest way to insulate. Renovations  or houses being built are common situations fiberglass is used. If your walls or ceilings are already finished, our blow-in insulation service would be a better and cheaper option.   

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