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Blow-In Insulation


 Blow-in insulation can be applied over the top of the existing insulation ( if there is any) and needs no maintenance. No one wants to heat or cool their unfinished attic, but many attics are under insulated and sucking air from the rooms below. Attics need to be ventilated and commonly a builder or homeowner will just stuff as much insulation as they can fit. Under or over insulating can be detrimental to your attics health. Blow-in insulation can be applied in hard to reach places and get in many small cracks and crevices. Fiberglass does not compare to blow-in when it comes to money saved vs money spent!

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The smallest draft can cause someone to feel a chill in their living space. We can install blow-in insulation behind any finished walls. We can do this from the outside or inside of the room. Small holes are made, insulation is then blown through the holes into the wall, and then the holes are patched and primed. We can also insulate open walls with blow-in insulation. Do not have the job done twice. Call Turning Your Home Green and have it done right the first time.

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Blow-In insulation can be installed without removing the existing ceiling in the garage. One of the most common problems we see are under insulated garage ceilings that have rooms over them. This easily lets the outside air into the home. We come to your home and give a FREE home evaluation using a thermal imaging gun to see where insulation is missing.

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